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25 years experience. Self service ticketing. The most advanced ticketing platform with reserved seating included. Cost effective ticketing. We make event ticketing easy for you.

Who we are

selltickets365.com is a safe and secure self service ticketing platform. Selltickets365.com is an online service that allows you to sell tickets to your events. From a sold-out concert with 100,000 ticket capacity mixing general admission tickets and reserved seating to an intimate general admission jazz club. Selltickets365.com puts your events on an efficient, reliable, easy to use ticketing system. Your customers appreciate it. Selltickets365.com allows you the event organiser control ticket sales, view reports, compare past event ticket sales and much more, without ever needing us. We are always here to help though.

selltickets365.com is an Irish company, located in a busy business park on the outskirts of Dublin. We provide ticketing solutions to promoters, event organisers, event planners and anyone who is in search of low cost, reliable, efficient and easy to use ticketing. Our system is for event organisers that want profit. Our fees are low. We have no setup fees or hidden costs. You can scan your tickets for security. We don’t bombard you with emails. You work to your pace with our powerful ticketing engine supporting you all the way. Your success is our success so come join us in becoming successful!

We love event tickets!

It’s true. We do love events! With a combined number of over 25 years in the event and software development industry we have designed this system to suit the needs of busy event professional that want to sell tickets fast, efficient and super easy. selltickets365.com is a flawless system built on experience and is your answer to a complete ticketing solution. No more late nights printing tickets or struggling with excel sheets. We’ve been there, we’ve seen the problems encountered by you so we have carefully engineered this software to avoid these costly mistakes and let you get on with the job at hand.

Not only have we created this dream machine for ticketing but it doesn’t cost the earth like some other systems. We did our own research on this and wow, our rivals are pricey! This fee plus that fee plus the other fee!  How do they expect you the event organiser to make any money? After all that is your goal, isn’t it? Maybe you just love events so much you want to give away your profit. This is great for you, we can work with you too, however we’re really for those that want a to make some money, the people that want a cost efficient ticketing system that works and has all the bells and whistles too. Yes, we’re for you!

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