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killruddery music festival tickets
Killruddery Music Festival

Killruddery Music Festival. Four nights of music in the elegant atmosphere of 17th century gardens, Killruddery House. Limited access to internet and no local suppliers we still made it happen despite several obstacles. 

Racecourse ticket sales
Punchestown Racecourse

Selltickets365.com is the perfect partner for racecourse ticket sales. We supplied a full ticketing solution for over 100,000 people attending the races with huge success. The system was fantastic, there was a free flow of all patrons and the system was under no stress at any time. Highly successful event and some video footage is available on request.

Young Voices Hallelujah Choir Festival
Young Voices Hallelujah Choir Festival

Four nights of choir festival tickets with almost 7,000 people per show in a fully reserved seating venue. The events were smooth, hassle free and there was nothing but compliments from our patrons afterwords, including some kind words in a hand written letter afterwards. Well done team on another hugely successful event from ticket sales to ticket scanning and access control.